Flamenco Teachers

sara nieto

Dance Teacher

Sara Nieto finished the Spanish Dance Conservatory in 1998 in Madrid and continued studying at both the Casa Patas Foundation and the Amor de Dios School. She completed her studies with monographic courses with Aída Gómez, Pedro Azorín, Julia Estévez and Silvia Mira in Classical Dance.

Nowadays, Sara combines continuous stage work under the guidance of different flamenco masters with incursions into new artistic fields such as theatre and circus, which bring new perspectives to dance. She has worked with Javier Latorre (National Dance Award 2011) in his show El Quijote, premiered at the Teatro Coliseum Gran Vía and toured most of China. She joined the prestigious theatre company LOM Imprebís as an actress and dancer, with which she was nominated for the 2015 Valle Inclán Awards for her performance in the play Decamerón Negro, which has toured throughout Spain, Africa (14th Yeleen Festival, Burkinna Fasso) and Peru (Lima, Teatro Japonés). With his own company he premiered Cuentos Flamencos, Colores Mezclaos and Devenires, the latter in Algiers and Oran.

She premiered El Pájaro del Alma, a show where theatre, circus and flamenco come together and where Sara enriches herself by adding new elements to her own vision of Flamenco. She has also created the show Mujeres y Flamenco de Candil, moving and original stories that leave no one indifferent. Her show, Flamenclórikos, was presented in 2015 in Algiers, Annaba and Bejaia with great success, with the support of the Cervantes Institute, the Spanish Embassy and the Casa Patas Foundation.

She participates as an actress and dancer in Decameron Negro and in the play MOOON. In 2021, together with the FolkCorpLab collective, she won the Certamen de Danza Española y Flamenco.

In 2019 she participates as a dancer in the international final of Red Bull Cockfight.

Dancer and choreographer of the play La Casa De Bernarda Alba.

Her new work Olor a Tiempo has been selected for one of the most important flamenco festivals this year.

In September 2022 she and her team will open La Escuela Integral de Flamenco Temple, where they hope to provide their students with a joint knowledge of the art of Flamenco and a place where they can develop professionally.

Pedro Sanz

Teacher of Singing and Combos-Tablao

Pedro Sanz was born in Madrid into a family that is not linked to the world of flamenco, but that is no reason for him to feel the call of this art very early on and make it his own.

At the age of 16 he made his debut at the Teatro Alcazar in Madrid. From that moment on, she began her professional career and, to do so, she was as concerned with the classical repertoire of flamenco singing as she was with her vocal technique, taking voice lessons with the prestigious Argentinian singer Olga Manzano.

In 1995 she won the Flamenco Singing Contest “La Silla de Oro” in Madrid. Her training is basically self-taught, but thanks to her love for flamenco she is introduced in the flamenco circles of Madrid, getting in contact with masters and amateurs of this art.

He later made his debut in the different tablaos of the capital, such as Casa Patas and many others. Thanks to his time at the tablao school, Pedro Sanz has the opportunity to sing for different figures and promising dancers, including: Blanca del Rey, Tomás de Madrid, Miguel Sandoval, La Tati, La China, Joaquin Ruiz, María Juncal, Joselito Fernández, Soraya Clavijo, Inmaculada Ortega, José Barrios, Belén López, Sergio Aranda, Rafael Peral, Marisa Adame, Jesús Fernández, Adrián Sánchez, Alfonso Losa, Juan Andrés Maya and many more.

A classical flamenco singer and follower of the most traditional flamenco schools, Pedro Sanz shares the stage with flamenco singers of the stature of José Menese, El Yunque, El Loreño, Capullo de Jerez, Chano Lobato, Chaquetón, Fosforito and Arcangel.


Guitar Teacher

Roberto Monteiro Bastos (1987) from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He began his studies in classical guitar at the age of 16, where he studied guitar pedagogy at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where he also studied flamenco guitar with Mara Lúcia Ribeiro (one of the first flamenco guitarists in Brazil, a disciple of Entri de Cañorroto).
From then on he dedicated himself entirely to flamenco, arriving in Madrid for the first time at the age of 24, worked for a year and a half in Japan, working as a flamenco guitarist and on his return to Brazil he accompanied various famous dancers such as Carmen La Talegona, Domingo and Inmaculada Ortega.
27 years later he settled in Madrid, formalising his studies in flamenco guitar at the Arturo Soria Conservatory, working with the company of Alejandro Molinero in the show ADM.
He is currently working as a guitarist in several tablaos in Madrid, being the artistic director of one of them, Sala Temple; he accompanies renowned singers of the Spanish pop scene such as Lola Indigo, María Pelae and Vicente Navarro and the dance companies Matices and ADM.


Singing Teacher for Dance

Self-taught singer in her first 10 years in the USA and when she came to Madrid she studied with Talegón de Córdoba, Julián Rodríguez, Rafael Jiménez “El Falo” and Arcángel.
In 2001 she participated in the competition “Silla de Oro” (Madrid) and in 2002 in “reencuentro” of the dancer Joaquin Ruiz in Teatro Pradillo (Madrid) as a guest artist. In 2002 she worked with the company “Flamencos en route” (Switzerland) and in the festival “Bolzano Danza” (Italy), and in 2003 with the company “esencia Flamenca” (Madrid).
In 2006 she participated in two competitions; “Villa de Guadamur” and Peña Fosforito de Villa del Río (Córdoba). She was part of the flamenco group “Flamenco Íntimo” of Artebar La Latina in 2008, she performed for 5 years the old school songs accompanied by David Serva and then another 5 years in the Ziryab group of the Café Ziryab.
She gave classes in Spain and abroad, for professional dancers and amateurs.
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