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may, 2024

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20:23 25 May 24
Great flamenco performance, we loved it!
17:44 24 May 24
Pilar BaratechPilar Baratech
07:25 24 May 24
The show at the temple hall seemed spectacular to me. An incredible quartet between guitarist, singer and dancers. Highly recommended. There is a good quality price relation. I am not an expert in flamenco but I sense that it is nothing to envy other flamenco shows that cost more than double. I repeat for sure!
Yolanda LópezYolanda López
17:29 21 May 24
Siska 87Siska 87
17:30 20 May 24
Friendly staff and great performers!
Antonella FioranoAntonella Fiorano
15:58 20 May 24
Alina DanciuAlina Danciu
23:32 19 May 24
A GREAT PLACE. Everything is spectacular. In addition, all the staff are very friendly. The show a 10.
Gaby Valencic ReyGaby Valencic Rey
20:32 19 May 24
100% ART What a show! The passion and talent, undeniable. The 4 artists: Naike Ponce on vocals, Israel on guitar and the dancers Helena and Ramón, gave EVERYTHING on stage! Beautiful and super exciting. At our table, 3 out of 4 of us were brought to tears on more than one occasion.Totally recommended.
ramon gallegoramon gallego
19:24 16 May 24
Spectacular. Great show in a perfect place. Very intimate and close to the tablao
Miguel PitaMiguel Pita
19:19 16 May 24
Everything is spectacular. Starting with the show, which is what is most important for it to be. It's spectacular because it's authentic.But also the room is very well done, the service is excellent and you can eat very good portions.
Andrey JAndrey J
18:21 15 May 24
This place is a hidden gem. Performance was full of passion and emotion. Venue is small and intimate - you will feel and enjoy everything. I love flamenco and would highly recommend this particular place to anyone who has never experienced it.
Tabitha TurtonTabitha Turton
08:35 13 May 24
We had a fabulous experience at Sala Temple, from start to finish. The performance exceeded expectations, with a guitarist, singer, and two dancers (a third joined for the last dance). The staff were very friendly and helpful and the sangria delicious. We didn't order tapas but the tables around us that did seemed to enjoy their food. Highly recommend, 10/10.
Antonia MiguelAntonia Miguel
06:40 13 May 24
Good singing, phenomenal dancers and very good attention, totally recommended
Anne MailletAnne Maillet
20:54 11 May 24
Magnificent and very moving show!!!
Mich MVMich MV
21:33 10 May 24
Clara RosierClara Rosier
15:21 10 May 24
We had a great time, the dancers and musicians are driven by their art! We vibe with them! The sangria and the cheese and charcuterie boards are very good, the welcome is very pleasant. I recommend !
Ellen Van GorpEllen Van Gorp
05:49 08 May 24
Nice atmosphere, nice show
Jeanne MounierJeanne Mounier
17:25 05 May 24
We had a great evening, it was great and the value for money is really good! Very friendly staff, I recommend
dogo dogodogo dogo
23:29 04 May 24
Spectacular!! Magnificent!! A ten, in everything.
Giusy di genovaGiusy di genova
20:26 03 May 24
M. Assunta PisperoM. Assunta Pispero
07:31 03 May 24
Here is a review generated for the flamenco show at Tempio Tablao:"The flamenco show at the Tablao Temple was simply wonderful. The artists were exceptional, with a passion and talent that made the show truly unforgettable. The welcome from the staff was warm and friendly, we immediately felt at ease We were lucky enough to enjoy excellent sangria and delicious local cheeses and cured meats, which made the evening even more enjoyable. It was truly a special evening and I highly recommend visiting the Tablao Temple for an authentic and exciting experience I can't wait to go back!"
Susy MoroSusy Moro
07:21 01 May 24
stephane G.stephane G.
16:24 28 Apr 24
Excellent!!! Don't hesitate. Top-notch welcome and intimate, high-quality show, far from shows for tourists. There had been a mistake when booking (we had paid to be placed in the first 3 rows but we were ultimately in the 4th), they insisted on refunding us the difference and offered us an extra drink!
Franck P.Franck P.
05:51 24 Apr 24
Good Flamenco show, lasting approximately 1 hour.Free drink, friendly staff.
Michał JerzyMichał Jerzy
20:18 22 Apr 24
What an absolutely wonderful experience on Thursday night! Despite its small size, the place exudes coziness and fosters a great, intimate atmosphere. The staff is friendly and dedicated, taking the time to help guests maximize their enjoyment by providing briefing before the show and collecting feedback afterward. However, the true stars of the show are undoubtedly the dancers, the singer, and especially the guitarist Antonio, who proves himself as the ultimate grandmaster of his instrument. The music and performance they deliver are truly expressive, and mesmerizing. Pure emotions are flying in the air throughout the show moving the audience with a force of a gale. There is no place for a fake or cheep trick on tourists, just pure esence of art and music. Overall, this establishment offers a fantastic immersion into Spanish culture, served with genuine heart and impeccable taste.
maddy stowmaddy stow
05:32 18 Apr 24
Jörg TauscherJörg Tauscher
04:55 16 Apr 24
Jesus GarciaJesus Garcia
07:34 15 Apr 24
We were in the Temple Room, and the show was great. All my support for flamenco as a tourist attraction but I think more importantly as live art. Place to enjoy good flamenco while having a wine.
Iván Acuña VegaIván Acuña Vega
15:32 13 Apr 24
10:09 12 Apr 24
A lot of passion, energy and talent 🖤
Trystan UpstillTrystan Upstill
05:19 11 Apr 24
Amazing flamenco performance and meal.
Yassin ElkhalouiYassin Elkhaloui
23:17 06 Apr 24
Ivica BuljubasicIvica Buljubasic
21:25 04 Apr 24
Super show, full of emotions, power, rhythm and music, definitely recommended for booking first row for a complete experience.
sara Da Silva melladosara Da Silva mellado
21:14 03 Apr 24
Amazing performance! Very emotional, it was a pleasure to watch such artists!
Good food, excellent service and a great show.
Edward VillamilEdward Villamil
12:48 31 Mar 24
Excellent show, it was amazing and we enjoyed it. Recommended if you want to eat, drink and meet the culture about flamenco. People was very kind.
Elena MercuriElena Mercuri
21:27 30 Mar 24
Fantastic experience to absolutely do when you come to Spain. The dancers were gorgeous. The singer and guitarist equally good. The package also includes a drink. A very positive side compared to the competition is the possibility of taking photos and videos. My mom was really happy. Thank you!
Pranjic BernardPranjic Bernard
18:35 28 Mar 24
Everything perfect,,,very nice evening,,thank you very much,
What an amazing place to feel the magic of flamenco for the first time in your life. Every single person who was on the stage - the dancers, the singer and the guitarist - left a footprint in our heart. They felt every step, every melody, every moment.
Sayali BankarSayali Bankar
14:53 21 Mar 24
Nuria P.SNuria P.S
12:23 18 Mar 24
A very good show and with a very good, affordable price. The treatment of the workers was great. Certainly recommended and I hope to return.
taner demirtaner demir
20:00 17 Mar 24
Chaitanya NatuChaitanya Natu
23:29 16 Mar 24
Kira FrisbyKira Frisby
21:50 16 Mar 24
This has been the highlight of our time in Madrid. The most beautiful, amazing, talented group of performers. We were blown away. We are here another 5 days and I want to go back! Thank you thank you!
Patricia OlkoPatricia Olko
21:35 16 Mar 24
Maz BobsMaz Bobs
11:09 16 Mar 24
Janetehseko40 SekoJanetehseko40 Seko
17:37 15 Mar 24
Very good show!! Intimate but pleasant place and great service.As a suggestion, they could install a set of mirrors so we can better appreciate the spectacle.
Lorena reynaLorena reyna
10:27 11 Mar 24
Magnificent!! 💃🏽🫶🏽🥳
19:25 10 Mar 24
The show was emotional and just simply incredible!! Made me fall in love with Flamenco even more! And the fact that some of it is improvised; gives you a unique experience which I love ! Definitely coming back here 🙂 Mia was also amazing! Thanks Mia!
Zorica SpirovskaZorica Spirovska
17:51 10 Mar 24
An intimate and pleasant space where you can feel the sincere emotion of the entire troupe. The beautiful emotional voice of the singer and the virtuosity of the guitarist fit beautifullywith the two beautiful dancers, who in a unique temperamental way manage to truly capture the magic of flamenco. The staff is friendly and communicative, so the place is definitely worth a visit.
Manuel MartinezManuel Martinez
20:45 08 Mar 24
Excellent show, highly recommended, the service at the venue is Excellent ♥️
Daan de JagerDaan de Jager
19:16 08 Mar 24
Very nice show, personal was amazing and the atmosphere was a one in a lifetime unique experience!
mateusz lasotamateusz lasota
19:16 08 Mar 24
The best cultural experience in Spain!!!!
Prithvi ThakkerPrithvi Thakker
19:13 08 Mar 24
Wonderfull experience. All the performers were brilliant and you really feel the emotions and passion that comes from flamenco. A must watch
Irene TribaldoIrene Tribaldo
01:04 03 Mar 24
Spectacular place with a super party atmosphere, we would definitely repeat, we are from Madrid and this is sorely needed here
Riccardo BurattiRiccardo Buratti
21:21 25 Feb 24
I absolutely recommend going to see a flamenco show at Sala Temple, you won't regret it! Art and professionalism, in an intimate and pleasant atmosphere. We had a wonderful evening.
Spectacular, we loved it 😍 a wonderful experience
Miryam MorettoMiryam Moretto
13:49 24 Feb 24
Spectacular artists and evocative atmosphere!The place is cozy and very organised, as soon as you arrive with your online reservation you already have your table ready!One drink included!You can order more, paying conveniently at the exit!Friendly staff and passionate show!High level!
Jose Juan LlanosJose Juan Llanos
10:03 24 Feb 24
I have no idea about flamenco but I had a great time. At first it was very quiet because you don't know whether to let out an olé, applaud or take photos, it annoys the artists, but then you start to cheer up and enjoy with them. I recommend taking the first rows because the sound and vibrations that come are spectacular. The poor dancer looked sick with the flu and still gave it her all. All wonderful, highly recommended
Alina BalanutsaAlina Balanutsa
22:41 23 Feb 24
An incredible show) I was at this for the first time and it was wow) guitarist, singer and of course dancers - bravo, be sure to visit when you are in Madrid
Alessia VenturiniAlessia Venturini
19:31 22 Feb 24
Antoine EberléAntoine Eberlé
10:16 20 Feb 24
Beppe NinivaggiBeppe Ninivaggi
22:58 17 Feb 24
Nice and cozy place, max 40 seats, you can drink and enjoy a great flamenco show
15:26 17 Feb 24
Very good show!
Ivana MolnarIvana Molnar
19:22 15 Feb 24
This is genius! A great way to get to know the culture. The food and drinks are also excellent. We are delighted.
Mattias AdolfssonMattias Adolfsson
13:28 12 Feb 24
Wonderful experience
Raúl CopadoRaúl Copado
22:22 11 Feb 24
Wonderful experienceMagnificent attention from the "crew" towards customersAnd we call them performers or "actants" -because they change- (for the two occasions we have attended so far).... they are simply superb in quality.Singer, guitarists and dancers who make your hair stand on end.Nothing to do with the typical mix of popular flamenco classics and rehashes for tourists that are around the city. This is art-craft, musically and dance-wise speaking.If you read me thinking if it's worth it... I tell you not to stop coming: your talent spills over here... so much, so much... that the San Vicente slope escapes you down and like a tributary of art and duende, the Madrid Río is nourished by it and even waters the Casa CampoGreetings and thanks to Zila, the "delightful" hostess of the establishment.Come and enjoy, these entrepreneurs deserve your visit.
Jana M PJana M P
22:17 11 Feb 24
This is our first ever Flamenco experience, but one which we will remember for a long time to come. All 4 performers were so perfect in their respective roles and the dancers were exceptional. Definitely worth if you're in Madrid
Martin Parent-RoyMartin Parent-Roy
23:45 08 Feb 24
Imma AquinoImma Aquino
23:06 08 Feb 24
Camilla BrisottoCamilla Brisotto
20:27 05 Feb 24
Very intimate room, about ten tables. Decent food. Sensational and exciting show, excellent dancers as well as musicians. absolutely recommended!
Today we went to see the show and the truth is, everything was very good and good value for money
Rafa RodriguezRafa Rodriguez
21:30 02 Feb 24
Spectacular is not enough, the cast is impressive, the attention is unbeatable. I will definitely return and recommend, thank you for tonight.
dulce salasdulce salas
21:29 02 Feb 24
Incredible place ❤️❤️❤️
An excellent show and performance! The artists show great emotion and the venue feels private as the seats are not that many and you could watch without any distractions.
Ivana GeorgievaIvana Georgieva
19:27 01 Feb 24
Amazing show! The performers are extremely talented and dedicated! Perfect atmosphere, very emotional!
Alessia CampanellaAlessia Campanella
23:46 29 Jan 24
Antek SpiechaAntek Spiecha
13:04 28 Jan 24
Victoriya ChuprinskaVictoriya Chuprinska
08:40 28 Jan 24
Incredible experience, delicious sangria and tapas.I recommend !
Alas KaAlas Ka
19:28 27 Jan 24
Very good
19:31 23 Jan 24
A very engaging show in a small venue that allows you to better experience the energy and emotions that flamenco can offer. A beautiful evening, yes
Adrián LópezAdrián López
15:27 23 Jan 24
Ronga EugenioRonga Eugenio
11:37 23 Jan 24
Superb to do recommended
Flor DaportaFlor Daporta
19:16 22 Jan 24
claudia grimaldiclaudia grimaldi
12:56 22 Jan 24
Pure emotion... very good and engaging
Felipe OrtegaFelipe Ortega
08:13 16 Jan 24
Very good show, only 19 euros and comes with a drink.
delsa bernardodelsa bernardo
19:34 14 Jan 24
Incredible. Small little intimate place and the waitress is also an incredible dancer.
Mapi LilloMapi Lillo
10:32 14 Jan 24
Brilliant.We had a good time, very good artists, good professionals and fabulous treatmentVery niceI recommend it 100%
Danilo SanchezDanilo Sanchez
21:19 11 Jan 24
Spectacular place with very good service and a great show, I recommend it
The place, the attention and the show all 10... Congratulations.
Antonella BulnesAntonella Bulnes
17:19 09 Jan 24
Incredible place!! The singers, dancers and the attention were the best, recommended to live a different experience if you are a foreigner and enjoy art on stage.
Irene GuerreroIrene Guerrero
06:50 09 Jan 24
Daniela CarrilloDaniela Carrillo
21:36 08 Jan 24
Laura ChzLaura Chz
17:17 08 Jan 24
Discovery of Flamenco in this very nice little place, with very good tapas! Very beautiful show.
Carmi PaliCarmi Pali
21:54 06 Jan 24
Impressive. I've never seen him.
Nohelia BSNohelia BS
23:01 04 Jan 24
Wonderful! The artists change, the shows are not always the same and that makes each of the performances unique.Wonderful experience.In our case with:Dancers: Elena Ollero and Isaac de los Reyes. (impressive dancers, with a beastly rhythm and a resistance that leaves you speechless).Cante: Antonio "el Pola" (jondo, melodic, pure singing)On guitar: Roberto Monteiro(His rhythm is impeccable, his concentration...his faces while he watches the clicking of his teammates, are also the best)Also, you don't expect that at the end one of the waitresses...(we won't say who) will make a spectacular appearance.The staff treatment is great.The place is very collected, very enveloping.If you order it with dinner and a drink, you snack a little while everything starts.Thank you very much team.
Georgia KourkounakiGeorgia Kourkounaki
09:22 02 Jan 24
A wonderful small place as it should be for a flamenco show. We booked our tickets online through their website, that cost 20€ for show + a drink and 30€ for the show + drink + food from their menu. The show was extraordinary, full of emotions, including a guitar player, a singer and two female flamenco dancers
Cerasela UțăCerasela Uță
19:23 01 Jan 24
Amazing experience! The show was intense and captivating and the staff was very welcoming and friendly. I really recommend it!!
Catalina IoanaCatalina Ioana
19:16 30 Dec 23
By far, the most amazing flamenco show in Madrid. The artists are extraordinary and their passion is so easily observed in their work. Goosebumps ar the end of the show! Strongly recommend!
Ionut MoldoveanuIonut Moldoveanu
19:16 30 Dec 23
Amazing show with an accessible price! Dearly recommend for everyone visiting! 🔥💃🏼🔥
Filip DaidžićFilip Daidžić
17:57 29 Dec 23
Recommend! Every group gets a table and drink, you can order food. Performance is amazing.
The atmosphere is very cozy, the singer, the guitarist, the dancers and the waitresses are impressive, it is a great place to enjoy a small summary of what flamenco is.
Jesus Muinho BlazquezJesus Muinho Blazquez
20:59 23 Dec 23
Very good. Quiet, cozy and exciting.
Michela GuarreraMichela Guarrera
22:57 21 Dec 23
Very pleasant evening, very intimate atmosphere. A good show at an affordable price
Tom CostaTom Costa
19:49 18 Dec 23
We had a great time at Sala Temple. They treat us extremely well! We won't be long back because I love everything 😍
Natalia GajosNatalia Gajos
15:30 18 Dec 23
Great show, great drinks and portions. The staff was super friendly too ❤️ Thank you!!
José ViñasJosé Viñas
17:19 17 Dec 23
You have to live it to tell it, everything is great!!
anđelko šimunovićanđelko šimunović
09:00 17 Dec 23
Wonderfull experience. All the performers were brilliant and you really feel the emotions and passion that comes from flamenco. Welcome drink included. Must see for sure.
ambra goracciambra goracci
21:09 16 Dec 23
Wonderful show! Really exciting!
Marija PrčićMarija Prčić
21:20 15 Dec 23
Pleasant anthnosphere. Sou is excellent. They don't take big breaks. They are connected to guests. No one bothers us or burdens us with ordering drinks. Great place.
savo mudresasavo mudresa
21:19 15 Dec 23
Excellent show!
Fatos BayramFatos Bayram
19:03 15 Dec 23
excellent show, great performances !!!
Virginia VenturaVirginia Ventura
20:39 11 Dec 23
Everything is great. I went yesterday with a friend because although I am Spanish, I had never been to a tablao and I had been wanting to go for a long time, but I had never gotten around to it because it was too expensive.The experience was a 10/10, both the 2 dancers, the singer and the one who gave the touch (the guitar) did it spectacularly, it was very noticeable that they enjoyed and transmitted their art a lot.In addition, a drink of Alhambra beer or a glass of wine was included with the ticket. The waitresses very friendly and helpful.In conclusion, if you want to live the experience of a tablao without leaving a fortune and without giving up anything, this is your place.
Costy McCosty Mc
11:52 10 Dec 23
A super cozy place, next to the royal palace and the gardens…. It's worth going!!!
The show was very good. The treatment of the waiters was super good. It is very comfortable, everything is excellent
Vincenzo RossiVincenzo Rossi
23:08 09 Dec 23
The show we witnessed was full of energy and power, giving the spectators a charge of strong emotions, bringing our experience to very high levels of empathy. The guitarist and singer were excellent, but the flamenco dancers were able to bring the show to the highest levels. Everything was unexpected and they made us feel part of the drama and passion that they were able to convey. I couldn't ask for anything better, I highly recommend it.The show we witnessed was full of energy and power, giving the spectators a charge of strong emotions, bringing our experience to very high levels of empathy. The guitarist and singer were excellent, but the flamenco dancers were able to bring the show to the highest levels. Everything was unexpected and they made us feel part of the drama and passion that they were able to convey. I couldn't ask for anything better, I highly recommend it.
Rory GeraghtyRory Geraghty
22:57 09 Dec 23
This was brilliant! So much passion from the performers and the wait staff were just lovely too. I would highly recommend it, it’s so authentic and great value for money!
Gricel PolaGricel Pola
21:58 09 Dec 23
florin munteanuflorin munteanu
23:00 02 Dec 23
Superb, the best flamenco band!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cristina MunteanuCristina Munteanu
22:58 02 Dec 23
An impressive show. We will definitely come back
21:18 02 Dec 23
Very vacant, cool. 20 out of 10!!! Hey!!!
21:15 02 Dec 23
Amazing! The artists put all their energy and emotions into the performance. Very impressive, do not miss the chance to view the show
Maria ChistiakovaMaria Chistiakova
19:32 29 Nov 23
the show was phenomenal. i’ve never seen such a passionate performance in my life. we were hypnotised and speechless. the dance, the music, the voice, the atmosphere. i have no words.that’s a perfect place to experience flamenco and spanish culture.muchas gracias! i wish you all the best
Andrea Del ZottoAndrea Del Zotto
08:06 28 Nov 23
Very impressive show. Excellent artists! I'll be back
Kemal AslanKemal Aslan
00:23 28 Nov 23
Definitely the best Flamenco Show of Madrid, best price/ performance offered by a place. Amazing service, perfect show and authentic atmosphere.
Mariana MezaMariana Meza
12:56 27 Nov 23
Stuart GerberStuart Gerber
07:09 27 Nov 23
We thoroughly enjoyed the flamenco show at Sala Temple last night. It was an amazing performance in an intimate space. The performers were excellent and the staff was professional and extremely courteous. It was the most reasonably priced flamenco show for a family of four too. Highly recommended!
How much is to enter? Is it €19,90 like on the website?
Linda BeneventoLinda Benevento
22:21 25 Nov 23
Mariana VieiraMariana Vieira
12:52 25 Nov 23
Brandyn MurilloBrandyn Murillo
09:49 25 Nov 23
Wonderful performances and excellent service. worth the few extra euros to get zone A seating.
J H37J H37
23:14 24 Nov 23
I booked it for my husband thinking that this would not be my thing, he loves dance and music and like to experience it. I don't usually care but gosh! This was phenomenal! The emotions, the voices of the lead singer, the guitarist, and the dancers! Those dancers belong to a big stage but yet, this stage was perfectly intimate, absolutely every single soul was deeply feeling the emotions. I worked in the West End in London as a theatre manager for 10 years and by doing so, I had free tickets for most shows les Miz, Phantom of the opera, Wicked, ... none of them has touched me that much. This is a small venue which could not be more perfect. And the performers are out of this world! Thank you so much! I have learned today that my mother was in her last weeks and this really took my mind away from the dark side of life! There are many of them in Madrid and trust me, this is the one you want to go to! Shout out to the wonderful waitresses and barman, great as well and they can dance too!
Cidália CoutoCidália Couto
23:14 24 Nov 23
Fábio CoutoFábio Couto
19:25 24 Nov 23
David Van SweeveltDavid Van Sweevelt
15:50 24 Nov 23
we went there two weeks agoeverything was perfect, intimate room, top show,to recommenddo not hesitate
Nieves SosaNieves Sosa
14:23 23 Nov 23
Very good service and atmosphere. The artists were great, full of energy and passion!
Federica BonoFederica Bono
10:54 21 Nov 23
A beautiful experience, charming and attentive people run the tablao. I highly recommend it
20:42 17 Nov 23
The show was amazing, the atmosphere very intimate ad traditional, it feels like you are inside of the show yourself, even the seats are very near to the stage so you can see hear everything. The ballerinas are amazing and so dedicated, the musicians and the singers also. I recommend spending on this one in particular because of the atmosphere and the good drinks included in the ticket!! it's also near a big metro station
Olena MusatovaOlena Musatova
19:11 17 Nov 23
Amazing performance! Thank you for the show and emotions!
Boyley GlovesyBoyley Glovesy
22:19 14 Nov 23
Sala Temple is a fantastic place to experience flamenco.
Igor RadojevićIgor Radojević
07:35 13 Nov 23
Great show. The complete impression of Madrid was completed by the wonderful people from Sala Temple
19:30 12 Nov 23
19:05 12 Nov 23
Great experience, small and cozy, great dancers and friendly staff. Would recommend watching a flamenco show here!!
Marion FecheMarion Feche
09:22 12 Nov 23
Alessandro D’AlessioAlessandro D’Alessio
09:40 11 Nov 23
Very friendly place, very talented professionals and beautiful staff. A very intense flamenco experience.Congratulations!
nataly castanedanataly castaneda
23:02 10 Nov 23
Thierry WillerThierry Willer
21:31 10 Nov 23
My girlfriend brought me…. And i had a great time! Very recommended.
Dunya HorstDunya Horst
21:26 10 Nov 23
Absolutely amazing show. This was my first flamenco and I took my friend who came to visit me in Madrid. After the first couple minute she burst out in tears. It was so beautiful to see their passion, their expressions and also their connection with each other. I might not be a flamenco expert, but i could tell this was a damn good show!
Merel Van DorstMerel Van Dorst
21:26 10 Nov 23
Fantastic! Amazing dancers and musicians. If you are in Madrid you cant miss out on this!
Giulia CataniaGiulia Catania
09:48 09 Nov 23
01:34 06 Nov 23
A place with excellent service and a high-level show.100% recommendable.
Isabelle BergeonIsabelle Bergeon
09:10 04 Nov 23
A suspended moment, of extraordinary intensity.Very welcoming staff, thank you Mia for the few words in French. a small room like a cocoon, close to the artists. Bravo for this beautiful flamenco show, intense and rich in emotions.
Yves Maillet-ContozYves Maillet-Contoz
09:09 04 Nov 23
Intense, true, beautiful with the proximity of a small room. Not to be missed !!All supervised by a super friendly and attentive team.We loved it !Special mention for Mia and her few words in French 🤩
Coni MolinaConi Molina
00:38 04 Nov 23
Surprised from start to finish.The show is not interrupted at any time since you are served before starting. The artists are all bosses; guitarist, singer and dancers. Very delicious food and excellent service.Thank you for this wonderful experience.Congratulations 🇨🇱
Spectacular show, very professional and passionate about what they do! pleasant atmosphere, very well attended, totally recommended!!!
Ella CarriganElla Carrigan
21:35 02 Nov 23
what an amazing show!! for €25, we got front row seating, a free drink, and an amazing experience!! i highly, highly recommend, we had such an incredible time and the dancers, guitarist, and singers are out of this world talented!!
C. FC. F
17:46 02 Nov 23
Superb show with top musicians and dancers. Recommended+++
Thorsten EllingerThorsten Ellinger
18:57 01 Nov 23
Small flamenco bar with a great show and nice staff. Gladly again.
Freddy GilFreddy Gil
17:34 01 Nov 23
Excellent attention.. Passion and feeling in each dance
Francesca MemoliFrancesca Memoli
10:28 31 Oct 23
Exciting and very evocative show.The room is small, as they explained to us it must be for a real flamenco show. The emotion of the show therefore, as far as I'm concerned, was even more amplified because of this.During the show, which lasts about 1 hour, you can sip a drink and taste tapas. We booked the show for 10 people conveniently from the GetYourGuide application with the show + drink option at a cost of €25. When we arrived we found the tables ready under the stage. All perfect
aniely Sotelleaniely Sotelle
19:28 30 Oct 23
Angelica Meiras SouzaAngelica Meiras Souza
19:11 30 Oct 23
Claudio NegriClaudio Negri
10:11 30 Oct 23
Susana Lozoya GarciaSusana Lozoya Garcia
07:44 30 Oct 23
Alenka GasarAlenka Gasar
07:50 29 Oct 23
Amazing performance! Dancers gave their soul out on the dance floor. So much energy and passion. Definitely worth a visit.
navie Moodleynavie Moodley
08:17 28 Oct 23
Marc FijnheerMarc Fijnheer
20:33 27 Oct 23
First flamenco show ever but certainly not the last. Great performance in a friendly atmosphere.
Gary MGary M
13:39 26 Oct 23
Very intimate theater, which brings artists together and allows the audience to feel all the emotions. Very warm welcome, the sangria is excellent. Not many tables, which we appreciated. Very nice experience!
Amado MartínezAmado Martínez
14:26 25 Oct 23
Excellent dancers, singers and guitarists.
Kce-Sniper TrtKce-Sniper Trt
09:34 23 Oct 23
Wim Van de VeldeWim Van de Velde
07:39 23 Oct 23
We saw a wonderfull performance full of passion in a cozy, intimate little theatre. We were almost part of the performance. Very friendly hosts as well. And good wine!
Daniela HorváthováDaniela Horváthová
17:22 22 Oct 23
Rominna PerezRominna Perez
16:27 22 Oct 23
Excellent place, 100% worth it
11:06 22 Oct 23
Yesenia Patiño RoaYesenia Patiño Roa
11:51 18 Oct 23
I came with 3 friends from Barcelona to spend the weekend in Madrid, we went directly to the place, and a super charming girl waited on us! The girl at the bar, great!As for the show… a Great Show, full of passion and a lot of professionalism.The place is very cozy and clean.Surely when I return to Madrid, I will return!Congratulations to this entire group of people who make you feel good!!Highly recommended!!
19:43 16 Oct 23
Nick HNick H
22:18 15 Oct 23
Lovely intimate venue, great friendly service from the staff, amazing flamenco show from professional artists. Best of all, very good value for money. If you are looking for a flamenco show in Madrid, check out Sala Temple
Yangset ReyesYangset Reyes
21:36 15 Oct 23
It has been a spectacular experience, very good, I loved the show, you can see the passion they put into it, keep it up...
Máyelin MMáyelin M
21:01 15 Oct 23
I came with a friend from Barcelona to spend the weekend in Madrid, we had already bought a ticket to see the show and it was, we loved it, it's exciting to see how they live it, and we are also very envious of how they dance for God's sake, they are all very handsome..🤗
Charo LopezCharo Lopez
20:24 15 Oct 23
I loved the show, magnificent.
Greta ScolariGreta Scolari
12:15 15 Oct 23
What can I incredible, magical atmosphere! Small and cozy place. The artists with their charisma transmit to you that strength and passion that this type of dance can give you. Well done!!
Annet MoermanAnnet Moerman
18:26 14 Oct 23
Outstanding performance by all artists in a friendly and cozy theater.
Vincenzo CalvelloVincenzo Calvello
09:47 14 Oct 23
Rhayanne CapilaRhayanne Capila
07:00 11 Oct 23
Incredible!!! The service was excellent, I bought in the first row with drinks included and we ordered snacks to complement. The show is a dream, with an exceptional level of professionalism! I would like to congratulate the dancers, the singers and the boy who plays the guitar. Charming artists. And the bar staff, very kind. The place is on the block next to Príncipe Pío station, there are signs indicating the entrance and you go through two dark doors. The place is small but all the seats were occupied (we went on a Friday night), buy in advance on the official website shown here and you won't have any problems.
22:55 08 Oct 23
AWESOME!!!!!! Speechless. Piece of show. All the lovely workers!! A pleasure!! I will repeat for sure!!
Excellent experience, pure feeling. Very delicious omelet and sausages. All staff friendly and attentive. Without a doubt I recommend it 100%
Tony DrexelTony Drexel
21:02 07 Oct 23
Excelente flamenco dancing
Stan EvansStan Evans
17:38 07 Oct 23
Wow! Loved it! I knew nothing about Salsa before this but was totally impressed.
Anna HalickaAnna Halicka
11:47 06 Oct 23
I’ve been to this place many times and it just never disappoints me. This time I took my nieces and they were absolutely stunned by the show. We got an amazing table and had the most immersive experience with the highest quality dancers and musicians, all for a very fair price. You can tell that the entire staff is really passionate about flamenco and at the end of the show one of the waitresses was even invited to perform - she was great. Highly recommend this hidden gem in the heart of Madrid!
21:52 30 Sep 23
Sudi KamalianSudi Kamalian
09:27 24 Sep 23
It was wonderful!!
Rosa Lopez AguilarRosa Lopez Aguilar
21:19 23 Sep 23
Gregory OumGregory Oum
15:42 18 Sep 23
UNFORGETTABLE!!!!! It was my first flamenco show (I came from France) and I was not disappointed. It's true that the room is small but it doesn't matter as long as we're inside the show. The dancers transmit energy and anger to us. The singer with a tremendous voice and the phenomenal guitarist!!!!!! Lucky for us that artists like you still exist. LONG LIVE FLAMENCO!!!!!!
so delso del
07:22 18 Sep 23
A first for me, I had a pleasant eveningA singer with a voiceA guitarist who ensuresTwo good dancers... too bad they don't dance togetherA little soft passages for my taste
so delso del
21:56 17 Sep 23
20:49 17 Sep 23
An incredible experience. We have been to the Sunday flamenco show and I would repeat it a thousand more times. The creeps. Bravo to each of the artists and the workers of the premises. 🧡
An extraordinary show and unbeatable attention... to repeat many times
07:33 16 Sep 23
Unparalleled show...very cozy place and excellent service with good prices. Recommended 100x100..
Ma MMa M
05:25 16 Sep 23
It was an amazing experience. The show was really great, the stuff was very nice and all of that for a really fair price. I can only recommend to go here.
Kali ZahiraKali Zahira
18:28 15 Sep 23
I brought the show with drink and food package. Was great so much talent and passion! Highly recommended!
Camila D'AmicoCamila D'Amico
22:05 11 Sep 23
Everything is excellent!! The show was incredible and the food was very delicious. Very well organized and the layout of the tables. 10/10
Gonzalo SaraleguiGonzalo Saralegui
19:08 04 Sep 23
Excellent show and attention to the public. Highly recommended
raul lices fuertesraul lices fuertes
09:26 03 Sep 23
Magical night in which we enjoyed a wonderful show. The cozy atmosphere means that flamenco can be breathed in every corner of the room, where the sound quality is simply perfect. Special mention to the service of the dining room, which shows that they know how to take care of the public, offering quality food at reasonable prices and with exemplary treatment. We'll be back for sure!!!
Paula NicolauPaula Nicolau
21:16 02 Sep 23
The service is very friendly and attentive. The quality of the dancer and dancer was extraordinary. They danced and felt the music.The equally fabulous singer and guitarist.A team that takes pleasure in what they do and transmits that soul to the public.A cheap price for the show you are seeing.Thank you, Sala Temple.
A cozy place like all the boards I've seen but this one stands out in that they are not confirmed with a flamingo for foreigners who are confirmed with anything. Exceptional flamenco number. The entrance with drink and portion for 29.90. Affordable and another reason to return and recommend.
Matteo CardamoneMatteo Cardamone
06:43 29 Aug 23
Wonderful flamenco show. Super authentic, close, friendly and with a lot of art. Highly recommended.
Angelines Maíz SierraAngelines Maíz Sierra
22:17 27 Aug 23
Good atmosphere, good tapas and a good flamenco show. and affordable price
08:58 27 Aug 23
That show was amaizing!!! An incredible charge of energy and emotions. Wrócę tu na pewno😘
yadira santamariayadira santamaria
12:13 26 Aug 23
The super cozy place. Olee to the people who work there and the wonderful show. Diego the guitarist, the singer Fariña and the dancers are amazing artists. One of the best flamenco shows I've seen...a lot of quality at an affordable price. I recommend it 100%. Do not miss it.
Miguel EscobarMiguel Escobar
12:03 23 Aug 23
Tablao in the center of Madrid, charming and cozyThe show is worth it; we were short of how well we had and enjoyed
Carol FerreiraCarol Ferreira
09:49 23 Aug 23
Seguridad Emilia 12Seguridad Emilia 12
11:18 21 Aug 23
Great show, good portions and very friendly staff. Totally recommended
04:51 19 Aug 23
Superb experience! Magnificent dancers, singers. 20 euros per person with a drink, nothing to say! I recommend 👍
Vincent JollyVincent Jolly
00:46 15 Aug 23
We went on a Saturday night while on vacation in Madrid to experience Flamenco.What was our big surprise!We had a wonderful evening.A magical, captivating, surprising spectacle.Simple and beautiful.Wonderful.From the welcome to the meal, everything is perfect.Thank you and congratulations again.French people passing through
Silvia GoldasovaSilvia Goldasova
19:18 09 Aug 23
Beautiful experience. Everything from the start was very professional - the seating, drink orders. The flamenco show was captivating, the artists (1 guitarist, 1 singer and 2 dancers) were very expressive, they were giving everything to the performance.Definitely recommend.
Giorgi KartvelishviliGiorgi Kartvelishvili
21:35 08 Aug 23
Just stunning. I can not describe this feeling. You just have to go there and see it.
Splendid show! Top notch food and great service.
Laura GilLaura Gil
20:50 05 Aug 23
The place is very cozy, the treatment is great and the dancers and the singer are wonderful.
Lisset ReyesLisset Reyes
20:39 28 Jul 23
Such a great experience! My first time watching Flamenco and I could tell the technique and stamina the dancers had. We had the ibérico and tortilla, very tasty!!!
Alice PengAlice Peng
20:42 12 Jun 23
Beautiful and soulful Flamenco show. I have no comparison since it was my first time, but having some dance background it spoke to that side of me so I know it was genuine! Absolutely wonderful dancers, especially the lady who had really amazing expressions and danced with her emotions as well 🙂
Josine TiggelmanJosine Tiggelman
18:14 19 May 23
It was an absolute must see! The place is intimate and has very good acoustics. The performance was amazing!! From the guitar, to the dancers and to the singer. They gave it everything and the whole show was filled with passion.
Raj KamathRaj Kamath
19:12 12 May 23
We are from Australia and stopped by to check this out having read great reviews. Without a doubt the performance we saw today will live on forever in our memories!! We got a table right against the stage and this gave us a fabulous feel of the passion and the energy of the performance. No matter where you sit, this theatre has a very intimate feel. This is the real deal. This is a hidden gem. This is a bargain. And this is something we would recommend to anyone visiting Madrid and wanting a taste of flamenco.
Viance AyalaViance Ayala
20:22 07 May 23
the food was GREAT and the dancers were AMAZING! Everything was so good, it felt so surreal. The best place to go. Everyone (including the dancers) w so nice!
Safiya SimonSafiya Simon
19:56 30 Apr 23
One word: Passion! It is a cozy, intimate space, I took the cheese and meat platter which came with bread and a side of salted nuts. As well as a glass of sangria. Great snack while enjoying the show. Now onto the show: the two dancers, the singer and guitarist are all passionate about their craft. This made for a fantastic performance from start to end. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and it made me do a deep dive into the history of flamenco. Bravo to all involved!
Arya VatanabadiArya Vatanabadi
13:54 25 Apr 23
My first Flamenco show and I was blown away. It is a very cozy place, the stage being quite small with only 4 people on it at a time (singer, guitarist, and two dancers) but the atmosphere felt very good. The show itself was unbelievable, I'm still having trouble figuring out which of the 4 performers blew me away the most. The muscians were phenomenal and the dancers were out of this world. Staff was very nice and helpful, although not all spoke english. The food and drinks were also nice, but not the star of the show. I would recommend the Sangria, it was very nice.
Jennifer BeechamJennifer Beecham
20:20 22 Apr 23
We had a fun family experience here, great dancing, wonderful singing. My toddler was enamored by the guitar (he said it was his favorite part). Food was substantial portions. Staff was super friendly as well.
Cristian MitreaCristian Mitrea
23:18 21 Apr 23
This was the best way to feel the vibe of Spain. It was an astonishing experience and I would come again in Spain for this show. 10/10 I strongly recommend!
22:11 06 Apr 23
Absolutely stunning performance. The dance was incredible and all the performers were perfectly in sync. I was legitimately shocked by how well it went. I wasn’t expecting much going into it but the flamenco dance was just that good. They need more recognition. I’d recommend anyone who wants to experience proper flamenco dancing and Spanish tradition to come to this place. 30 euros for a drink and tapas from the menu. Well worth the money for that and the performance. Got another sangria for 5 euros.
SYC ChanSYC Chan
23:02 05 Mar 23
A very enjoyable show and dinner experience. Welcoming and helpful staff. I arrived 30 minutes early and got a table at the front row a few metres from the artists on the stage. Mirror on both sides of the audience area made the relatively small venue feel a lot better, yet still cosy and intimate. Four artists, including one guitarist, one singer and two dancers. I felt they were pouring out all energy and skills, and they still kept going even though I could not hold my breath anymore. Their pricing and the dinner option were attractive. I wish them great development and success, flourishing into bigger existence, as cradle and stage for artists, and thus more shows to be enjoyed by the general public. Their efficient and effective whatsapp customer service is also worth mentioning. Hiccups I encountered during online purchase was resolved within 20 minutes. I highly recommend.
Alex CmbAlex Cmb
20:18 20 Feb 23
This was a great experience. Affordable, intimate, passionate. The food was also very nice. Musicians and dancers are top notch. Recommend if you want to experience a very good flamenco in a friendly ambience.
Brinton PlaceBrinton Place
11:17 06 Nov 22
Wonderful, high energy show. It’s a nice, cozy little venue that makes the show almost an immersive experience. There are a lot of choices for seeing flamenco in Madrid, but we’re so glad we chose this one. Totally recommend, the staff is wonderful, the performers are amazing - you’ll have a great time!
Mia PotterMia Potter
22:40 07 Oct 22
An intimate flamenco tablao with the most well known and sophisticated dancers and musicians in Madrid. Great acoustics, great food, and the owners are so welcoming. 10/10 would recommend for a night of fiery flamenco
David RobinsonDavid Robinson
14:28 11 Sep 22
Excellent live show last night. This is the ‘real thing’ when it comes to Flamenco; with the very best guitarist, vocalist and dancers. They are all quite amazing, especially @nereacarrasco7 (photo taken last night). Highly recommended by someone who lives in Madrid and loves Flamenco.
יובל גולדמןיובל גולדמן
21:32 27 Aug 22
The first flamenco show we have seen, and it was AMAZING!We set in the front row and enjoyed the full experience.