Extraordinary talents and rigorous training have come together in the Integral Temple Flamenco School to combine the best of flamenco teaching, an integral art where singing, dancing and guitar are taught simultaneously, and combining them in the classroom.

So that you can practice dancing in our classrooms to the beat of the flamenco guitar, so that you can learn singing as an accompaniment or soloist, and so that you can play flamenco for dancing, singing or as a unique show.

In addition, we will have a monthly master class with active artists and 20% discount for the Templar students who attend the Tablaos of the Temple.

And all this, with real practices in our tablao for the most advanced students, because flamenco is not understood without the emotion and magic of sharing it with the public.

Place reservation period is open (we do not charge tuition). Check prices, more information and reservations: +34 600 461 003...

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